Naked Justice Ben Kincaid series Book 6

#ad Road #ad - A lawyer must defend a mayor accused of murdering his family: “Bernhardt again proves himself master of the courtroom drama” Library Journal. But when the national media descends on Tulsa, Kincaid will have to do something he’s never done before, and oversee an increasingly wild three-ring circus.

The only person willing to defend him is Ben Kincaid, a struggling defense lawyer with a history of winning impossible cases. With his winning smile, and history as one of the best quarterbacks Oklahoma University has ever seen, acting experience, Wally Barrett had no trouble becoming Tulsa’s first black mayor.

Naked Justice Ben Kincaid series Book 6 #ad - The patrolman discovers the first lady and her children murdered, and the mayor nowhere to be found. Barrett is captured after a high-speed chase, insensible and covered in blood. One afternoon at an ice cream parlor, a dozen people watch as he nearly hits his wife during an argument about their children.

That same night, a neighbor calls the police after hearing screams from inside the mayor’s house. But this perfect politician has a dark side, too.


Extreme Justice Ben Kincaid series Book 7

#ad Road #ad - His new career is just starting to take off when a body falls from the Emporium ceiling, knocking the wind out of Kincaid and sending him right back to his old profession. The dead woman is cajun lily Campbell, a grand dame of the Tulsa music scene and onetime girlfriend of Uncle Earl himself. He buys a minivan to haul his gear, and gets steady gigs playing in a combo at Uncle Earl’s Jazz Emporium.

Extreme Justice Ben Kincaid series Book 7 #ad - . Retired from law, ben kincaid is forced to return to the bar when a case—and a corpse—fall in his lapAfter years of struggling, Ben Kincaid shuts down his small legal office and decides to make a living doing something that—compared to practicing law in Tulsa—is easy money: playing jazz piano.

And kincaid must be careful as he readies the old jazzman’s defense, because there is a killer on the north side of town who would like nothing more than to hear the piano player’s last tune.


Cruel Justice Ben Kincaid series Book 5

#ad Road #ad - A routine personal injury case leads a lawyer into a decade-old murder mystery: “A superb legal thriller.  .  . Ten years earlier, leeman was accused of murdering a woman with a golf club, and he has been locked in a mental institution ever since. Now he is finally about to come to trial, and Kincaid sees no way to save him.

But when a young tulsa boy goes missing, Kincaid senses a connection between the two cases. Wonderfully diverting reading” Booklist. Finding the abductor and could mean saving lives—Leeman’s, the kidnapped child’s, and those of the countless victims to come. He needs fast money, and a quick-and-dirty personal injury suit could do the job.

Cruel Justice Ben Kincaid series Book 5 #ad - His prospective client hopes to rescue his son—a twenty-eight-year-old with the mind of a child. Ben kincaid’s air-conditioner is on the fritz, and his sister has just disappeared, his staff is on half-pay, leaving him holding her baby. But what looks like a sure-fire case turns out to be something far more complicated.


Dark Justice Ben Kincaid series Book 8

#ad Road #ad - Instead, he lands himself in jail, where he learns of a non-feline who’s facing the death penalty as well. He has been accused of planting a bomb that killed a lumberjack, and Kincaid will do whatever he can to save the environmentalist’s neck—if he can get himself out of jail first. Kincaid is a lawyer on a book tour, at a poorly attended signing in Washington state, and she is the bookseller’s cat.

A lawyer defends an animal rights activist accused of killing a lumberjack: “A superb legal thriller and wonderfully riveting read” Booklist. When he learns that the perfectly healthy cat is to be euthanized, Kincaid breaks into the bookstore, planning a rescue. The trouble all begins when Ben Kincaid meets Margery.

Dark Justice Ben Kincaid series Book 8 #ad - George zakin is the head of a radical environmentalist organization called Green Rage. Six years earlier, kincaid got him acquitted on charges of breaking and entering, and now Zakin needs his help again.


Perfect Justice Ben Kincaid series Book 4

#ad Road #ad - No matter what it takes, Kincaid will bring justice to the backwoods, whether the inhabitants like it or not. A defense lawyer’s newest client is a racist—but is he a killer? “Bernhardt keeps his readers coming back for more” Library Journal. No lawyer in the county will take Vick’s case, but Kincaid can’t refuse.

And for tommy vuong, an activist among the American-born Vietnamese, the woods are a place to die. When vuong is found stabbed through the neck beneath a burning cross, the logical suspect is Donald Vick, a member of a local white supremacist hate group who was seen fighting with Vuong the previous day.

Perfect Justice Ben Kincaid series Book 4 #ad - His new client is sullen, hateful, and demands to plead guilty—even though there’s no evidence linking him to the crime scene. For ben kincaid, the forests of Arkansas are a place to escape the hubbub of the courtroom and enjoy the outdoors. But for the thousands of vietnamese refugees who came through this backwoods area in the mid-1970s, the Ouachita Mountains were a place to begin their new life in the United States.


Silent Justice Ben Kincaid series Book 9

#ad Road #ad - So why have eleven children from a suburb outside of tulsa have perished from this horrible illness in the last few years? The children’s parents blame Blaylock Industrial, a massive corporation whose factory lies just outside of their bucolic small town, but they have no proof beyond gut instinct—and the terrible certainty that comes with the grief of losing a child.

An attorney crusades against an industrial giant while a serial killer terrorizes Tulsa in this legal thriller that delivers “fresh, often witty dialogue” Publishers Weekly. To prove such a spectacular claim could cost millions, and no law firm is willing to take on such an expense. That is, until the parents meet Ben Kincaid.

Silent Justice Ben Kincaid series Book 9 #ad - An idealistic young attorney with a shoestring practice on the rough side of Tulsa, Kincaid is nearly broke when he brings the case against Blaylock and its army of lawyers. But though the odds are stacked against him, Kincaid will risk everything to win a settlement and make sure that no more children die.

Leukemia is a terrible disease but also, thankfully, a rare one.


Murder One Ben Kincaid series Book 10

#ad Road #ad - Unable to try their suspect a second time, the Tulsa police build a case against Kincaid, arresting him after they stumble across the murder weapon in his office. And when idealistic young defense attorney Ben Kincaid gets the dancer off on a technicality, the city erupts. Every instrument in the state’s justice system is turned against him, but Kincaid isn’t worried.

A cop killing pits defense attorney Ben Kincaid against the boys in blue in this national bestseller. You never see the ending coming” Tulsa World. Outstanding .  .  . Amazing .  .  . A horribly mutilated man is found chained to a statue in the middle of downtown Tulsa, secured so tightly that it takes the police hours to get him down.

Murder One Ben Kincaid series Book 10 #ad - They arrest the dead cop’s girlfriend, a nineteen-year-old stripper whose camera-ready appearance quickly turns the trial into a media circus. It is one of the most gruesome murders Oklahoma has ever seen. As the city’s workforce stares, the police realize something terrible: The victim is one of their own.

He’s faced worse odds before.


Deadly Justice Ben Kincaid series Book 3

#ad Road #ad - A struggling tulsa lawyer accepts a six-figure job—but the price may far outweigh the pay: “Bernhardt just gets better and better” The Daily Oklahoman. But if the apollo partners think they’ve hired a legal stooge, they’re wrong. Since he fled the dehumanizing tedium of corporate law, working cases strictly related to the three Ds: divorce, Ben Kincaid has scratched out a living on the rough side of Tulsa, deeds, and dog bites.

Deadly Justice Ben Kincaid series Book 3 #ad - So when the state’s largest corporation, offers him six figures to join them as in-house counsel, the Apollo Consortium, he can’t turn down the pay raise. And when he comes out on the wrong side of a turf war, Kincaid finds himself defending a hapless loser against a murder charge. The client’s name: Ben Kincaid.

But these horrors pale in comparison to the infighting at Apollo. Kincaid is a bloodhound, determined to sniff out the truth no matter the cost. As kincaid tries to fit in at his new offices, a serial killer stalks Tulsa, luring young women into his car before chopping them into bits.


Criminal Intent Ben Kincaid series Book 11

Ballantine Books #ad - When a priest with radical ideas and a parish council with traditional values lock horns over the beliefs they hold most sacred, there’s bound to be controversy—and consequences. And ultimately, it will force the idealistic attorney to confront the chilling face of evil in the most unexpected of places.

Criminal intent proves beyond a reasonable doubt that the author of Murder One has earned his critical reputation as the master of the courtroom drama whose novels of legal suspense consistently offer a one-of-a-kind reading experience. But as father beale struggles to escape the shadow of suspicion, another woman is savagely slaughtered.

Criminal Intent Ben Kincaid series Book 11 #ad - But murder crosses the line between committing a sin and committing a crime, turning a battle over faith into a battle for justice. And this time, Ben himself discovers Beale literally red-handed. And father beale’s own shocking testimony ignites a firestorm of controversy that could doom his last best hope for acquittal.

Benedict’s church, Ben intervened and saved the day. In his heart and in his gut, Ben knows Father Beale is innocent. Benedict’s. Now beale is the prime suspect in the brutal murder of a female parishioner—though lack of evidence has left the case unsolved.


Death Row: A Novel Ben Kincaid series Book 12

Ballantine Books #ad - All ben has to do is prove it. Ben is certain Erin didn’t commit suicide. But his unseen enemy is determined to cover his tracks once and for all. But seconds before the lethal injection, an eleventh-hour reprieve halts the execution—and launches Ben on a race against time to overturn Ray Goldman’s conviction.

The seemingly mild-mannered industrial chemist was charged with a staggeringly brutal crime: the torture and massacre of an entire suburban Tulsa family. She was a victim of murder— silenced by the same killer who butchered her family. Erin faulkner, the young woman who narrowly escaped the carnage that claimed her family, has abruptly recanted her testimony, after years of silence desperate to keep an innocent man from dying.

Death Row: A Novel Ben Kincaid series Book 12 #ad - Now, on the heels of his national bestseller Criminal Intent, William Bernhardt returns with his most electrifying novel to date. Oklahoma attorney ben Kincaid put his reputation on the line when he represented Ray Goldman. Crime will never pay. And ben kincaid is the only witness to her stunning confession.

But crime fiction—served up with the wit, grit, and sheer virtuosity of Bernhardt—always pays off. Just as suddenly, this near-miraculous turn of events turns tragic: Erin is discovered dead, an apparent suicide. With blood.


Hate Crime Ben Kincaid series Book 13

Ballantine Books #ad - A novel of gut-wrenching twists and surprises, this thriller brilliantly explores the passions between lovers—and the passions behind society’s most heinous crimes. Now, hate, bernhardt and his crusading attorney Ben Kincaid return in a thrilling story of love, and the power of a courtroom to separate deception from the truth.

In tulsa, ben kincaid has built a national reputation as a stalwart defense attorney who will fight tirelessly for his clients. But ben’s plan means luring a killer out of the woodwork—even though he may kill again. In evanston, illinois, johnny christensen has built a national reputation as a sadistic bigot who beat and stabbed a gay man and left him to die.

Hate Crime Ben Kincaid series Book 13 #ad - To prove that someone else committed the actual murder, Christina needs a little bit of evidence—and a good motive to go with it. When unforeseen circumstances force Ben Kincaid to enter the trial, the defense attorney sees only one way to prove Johnny’s innocence. Once again, the remarkable william Bernhardt makes us challenge every assumption, second-guess every judgment, and feel the terror of the truth.

Bestselling author william Bernhardt is an unsurpassed master at blending psychological suspense with gripping, surprise-filled legal action. When johnny’s mother comes to Ben and begs him to defend her son, he has one secret reason for saying no.