The Case of Marna Munchausen by Proxy Syndrome

SGC Production #ad - The Case of Marna Munchausen by Proxy Syndrome #ad - While inducing an illness she would run up over a million dollar bill Medicaid would cover, this happens to be a trait of the disorder. The case of marna demonstrates a severe case of MBPD as for years she would induce an illness onto her young child Prudence. The case of marna munchausen by proxy syndrome” discusses and distinguishes the differences among factitious disorder, Munchausen disorder, and Munchausen by proxy disorder MBPD.

This is after losing her third child Penny to what was diagnosed at the time as sudden infant death syndrome. Medical professionals possess a difficult time in diagnosing such a disorder, yet Marna would display all of the characteristics of the rare disorder first introduced not until 1977.


I Have To Call Someone Mama: A Grandmother's Story of Two Siblings Rescued from Munchausen by Proxy Abuse

Christian Faith Publishing, Inc. #ad - When her granddaughter was born, she too started having alarming health problems. This story chronicles a woman's journey as she discovers that her two grandchildren are victims of this abuse that most people have never even heard of. She had known that her daughter-in-law seemed to exaggerate but never could she have imagined this.

The children's mother was so cunning and crafty in her manipulative deception that she fooled dozens of medical professionals along the way. Her grandson was literally on the brink of death's door. Her faith in god kept her going as she turned their tragedies and trials into triumph. Follow her journey of faith as she fights to rescue, protect, and bring healing to her grandchildren's broken spirits and shattered little souls.

I Have To Call Someone Mama: A Grandmother's Story of Two Siblings Rescued from Munchausen by Proxy Abuse #ad - Then the real fight began. Munchausen's syndrome by Proxy is one of the cruelest forms of child abuse imaginable. After three years of her grandson being constantly sick with countless hospitalizations, this grandmother was faced with the horrifying realization; that her grandchildren were sick because their mother was making them sick.

It is very difficult to prove and even harder to prosecute. He would get better and then suddenly relapse with no reasonable explanation. By the time he was three years old, he had been hospitalized more times than she could count.


My Sweet Angel: The True Story of Lacey Spears, the Seemingly Perfect Mother Who Murdered Her Son in Cold Blood

St. Martin's Press #ad - Lacey spears made international headlines in January 2015 when she was charged with the “depraved mind” murder of her five-year-old son Garnett. But in reality, lacey was a text book case of Munchausen by Proxy Syndrome. Prosecutors alleged that the 27-year old mother had poisoned him with high concentrations of salt through his stomach tube.

To the outside world lacey had seemed like the perfect mother, regularly posting dramatic updates on her son’s harrowing medical problems. When a westchester county jury found her guilty of killing Garnett in April 2015, she was sentenced to twenty years to life in prison. Using lacey’s own never-before-seen facebook, as well as interviews with her family and the three police investigators who broke the case, an exclusive prison interview with Lacey herself, Twitter, and blog posts, My Sweet Angelgives the definitive account of this extraordinary case that shocked the world.

My Sweet Angel: The True Story of Lacey Spears, the Seemingly Perfect Mother Who Murdered Her Son in Cold Blood #ad - The lacey spears story will be the subject of an hour-long special on Discovery ID, featuring author John Glatt, and CBS 48-Hours is working on a primetime special on the case. From the time he was an infant, she deliberately made Garnett sick to elicit sympathy from medical professionals, as well as her hundreds of followers on Facebook and other social media.


M is for Munchers: The Serial Killers Next Door

RockWay Press #ad - It's been discovered, however, that female serial killers are infinitely more successful and dangerous than their male counterparts. Black widow serial killers usually murder husbands, and even boarders for insurance proceeds, children, boyfriends, lovers, inheritance money, or Social Security checks. Team killers work with partners or operate in a group, often blaming other team members for all the violence and killing.

The most dangerous female serial killers are women who viciously abuse, children in their care, torture, and often kill their own children, or others who are entirely dependent upon them. Posing as ideal mothers and self-less caregivers, injures, and kills her victims in order to get attention, an incurable personality disorder where the woman intentionally and repeatedly sickens, tortures, these female serial killers practice Munchausen's by Proxy MBP, admiration, respect, abuses, and love for herself.

M is for Munchers: The Serial Killers Next Door #ad - Medeas kill their children to punish their ex-husbands or to otherwise manipulate the men in their lives. Often called "munchers" by those in law enforcement and the medical establishment who eventually discover the terrible truth behind the illnesses, women who practice Munchausen's by Proxy are the most dangerous of all serial killers because they operate openly, injuries, and deaths of the children and others in their care, virtually flaunting their crimes while appearing, at the same time, to be completely and unquestionably innocent.

They are the serial killers next door. 2nd edition: formatting changes and expanded Index. Also, female serial killers tend to murder people known to them, rather than the strangers that male sexual predators seek out. The first time someone tried to kill me, I was four years old.


Murder on Birchleaf Drive: The True Story of the Michelle Young Murder Case

Black Lyon Publishing, LLC #ad - Spaulding, duke university“an amazing first book, forensic psychiatrist and associate Consulting Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, by a talented new author, MURDER ON BIRCHLEAF DRIVE drops the reader into the complex web and dark beauty of the criminal justice system. Epstein skillfully recounts a chilling tale of human emotion, betrayal, and calculated murder.

Joseph B. Prepare yourself for an intense, heart-pounding read!”—Dr. Rudolf, featured in the netflix series the staircase“psychological thriller meets true crime story at its best! MURDER ON BIRCHLEAF DRIVE is a riveting account of what, defense attorney for Michael Peterson, at first blush,  appears to be a boy-meets-girl romance but ends in bloody horror.

Murder on Birchleaf Drive: The True Story of the Michelle Young Murder Case #ad - Epstein brilliantly details the unraveling of the couple’s relationship and eloquently captures the legal details, making the most complicated aspects of the murder case completely understandable. Jean G. Attorney, middle district of north carolina, 1986-1993"A great read, and a must- read, for those who are fascinated with the drama of real life—it’s even better than fiction.

Colon willoughby, district attorney of wake County, 1987-2014"An excellent book, North Carolina, and I recommend it highly. Jerry boyd, coronado, California Police Chief ret. Author of multiple books including firestone park: policing south-central los angeles and my years as a chief“reading murder on birchleaf dRIVE is like being at the scene of the crime and inside the well of the courtroom during every moment of one of North Carolina’s most notorious murder trials.

Ripley Rand, U.


Sickened: The True Story of a Lost Childhood

Bantam #ad - Munchausen by proxy mbp is the world’s most hidden and dangerous form of child abuse, in which the caretaker—almost always the mother—invents or induces symptoms in her child because she craves the attention of medical professionals. This child will not ruin her plans. From early childhood, medicated, julie gregory was continually X-rayed, and operated on—in the vain pursuit of an illness that was created in her mother’s mind.

It’s four o’clock, and she hasn’t been allowed to eat anything all day. Through her painful metamorphosis, ultimately, she discovered the courage to save her own life—and, the life of the girl her mother had found to replace her. The realization that the sickness lay in her mother, not in herself, would not come to Julie until adulthood.

She's about to suggest open-heart surgery on her child to "get to the bottom of this. She checks her teeth for lipstick and, as the doctor enters, shoots the girl a warning glance. Many mbp children die, but julie gregory not only survived, she escaped the powerful orbit of her mother's madness and rebuilt her identity as a vibrant, healthy young woman.

Sickened: The True Story of a Lost Childhood #ad - Punctuated with julie's actual medical records, sickened re-creates the bizarre cocoon of her family's isolated double-wide trailer, their wild shopping sprees and gun-waving confrontations, the astonishing naïveté of medical professionals and social workers. Just twelve, skinny, she’s tall, and weak.

Her mother, on the other hand, seems curiously excited.


A Mother's Trial

#ad - Near death, the child is taken away to intensive care, away from any interaction with her mother. To this day she claims total innocence of any wrongdoing. Yet she was arrested and tried for murder. Shortly afterwards little Tia begins developing strange symptoms. Was she a mother who literally loved her children to death? A woman so desperate to be needed that she’d take any risk, pay any price?Here is her incredible true story.

The child recovers. Fact: mindy is removed from the Phillipses’ home. Months later she is adopted by a new couple. Cause of death: unknown. Fact: the phillipses adopt a second Korean infant named Mindy. Fact: priscilla and Steve Phillips adopt a Korean baby. After a few weeks in her new home, she falls ill once again.

A Mother's Trial #ad - As far as anyone knew, a social worker, Priscilla Phillips was the perfect mother: A pillar of her church, a devoted wife and loving mother of two sons of her own. In and out of the hospital for months, she finally succumbs. Priscilla lavished endless love and attention on little Tia, and later on her sister Mindy.

Once again the same symptoms develop.


Punished: A mother's cruelty. A daughter's survival. A secret that couldn't be told.: A Mother's Cruelty. A Daughter's Survival. A Secret That Couldn't Be Told.

HarperElement #ad - Her father lived in denial of her suffering. When she was 6 years old, vanessa's grandfather began to sexually abuse her – to her despair, aided and abetted by both her mother and grandmother. Her mother said her punishments were God's revenge on her for being the devil's child. If she was 'naughty', her mother would lash out at her – with beatings, torture, starvation and making Vanessa sleep in their garden's pigsty, tied up like an animal.

At eight years old, she then discovered that the 'mother' who hated her so much had adopted her as a baby and would never love her as her own. At the most horrific times of vanessa's abuse, she nearly lost all hope that she would escape her prison, until mysterious things started to happen to her that allowed her to fight back.

Punished: A mother's cruelty. A daughter's survival. A secret that couldn't be told.: A Mother's Cruelty. A Daughter's Survival. A Secret That Couldn't Be Told. #ad - This is the story of how vanessa survived a childhood that nearly destroyed her and how her secret led her out of the horrors of her past. Punished’ is the inspiring true story of an unusual little girl, Vanessa, whose childhood was devastated by torture and abuse at the hands of her sadistic mother. Vanessa was nearly destroyed until she discovered a secret that ultimately saved her life.

From the age of 3, Vanessa lived in daily terror of her mother's unpredictable rage.